Solar camping lamp

  • Suitable for outdoor field
  • SMD LEG light illumination
  • 11V/9.5W solar panel provide energy for the lamp
  • Can be used as mobile phone charger
  • 12V/3A DC adapter
  • Working temp. -20℃ to 40℃
  • 300lm for the main lamp output lumen, 200lm for side lamp output lumen
  • DC charging time: 5-6hrs
  • Solar charging time 18-20hrs provide lamp 6-20hrs working time
  • Lamp working lifetime: 20000hrs
  • The small lights are attached to the main light by magnet and can be taken to anywhere you need them and also attached to any place as long as there is steel.
  • Approved CE,ROHS certification


  • Packing Size: 104x14x34cm
  • Weight:5.2kg