President’s Words

One day I spent 3 minutes making a very big, but very simple decision. That’s Wild Land.
It may seem hasty to confirm a million dollars project in just 3 minutes but this was the final decision, inspired by many bad outdoor camping experiences. Too often, with family and friends watching, I found myself soaked to the skin while pitching a traditional tent in pouring rain. Too often we found ourselves breathing musty humid air inside, separated by the thinnest fabric from the beautiful fresh air outside. Too often we had no place to hang our clothing and shoes, and too often we found a stream of water leaking into the tent.

 After an exhausted search, I realised that if I was going to enjoy a happy and comfortable outdoor life with my friends, I would have to design and produce the perfect tent myself ! I am happy to share my experience with you. 

Product Innovation

Wild Land is driven innovation and an unparalleled reputation for quality and value. These basic principles guide Q-yield through the creation of innovative and highly popular designs. Our 1 second tent, a revolutionary design in 2001, required considerable product research and development. It is the foundation for a successful Wild Land future. 

Markeing Strategies

At Wild Land we strive to distinguish ourselves with creative, environment friendly products that provide our customers excellent value.