Rock Cruiser

The Rock Cruiser in patent Z shaped style was developed for over 3 years which is a revolutionary shape in RTT fields.

  • Unique design and great ventilation for all seasons.
  • It comes with gas strut system for easy set up, detachable roof bars for more gear loading ability (up to 100kg), integrated LED stripe (battery pack notincluded), track frame on sides to more functional that you could put our solar camping light or awning & Tarp etc
  • A telescopic ladder endures 150kg included

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Available stock in one size: gray body/black fly

Sleeping Capacity


Mid-Size SUV

Full-Size SUV

Mid-Size Truck

Full-Size Truck



Wildland patented

Wildland patented gas strut-assisted mechanism, all aluminium.The hard shell can bear 100kgs cargo on top

Technical Specifications 

 (shown with and without optional rack)